Get International Space Station Crew Profiles & Key Information in ISS Real-Time Tracker 3

New Release Adds Greatly Expanded Information About Current International Space Station Crew Members

I’ve just released version 3 of my popular iOS app for iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro, and iPod touch.

As before, ISS Real-Time Tracker provides a moving map that tracks the International Space Station in real time in its orbit around the Earth. The app also provides a list of 5 to 100 predicted overhead passes based on the user’s location, as well as displaying and saving Landsat 8 images of the exact spot below the Station’s current position.

The new version now gives the nationality, title, days in space, date of launch, and a complete bio of each International Space Station crew member! Here’s an example:

The data are always current and automatically updated whenever a new crew launches to the International Space Station.

And, as always, “see what five miles-per-second looks like on your iPhone!”

Get ISS Real-Time Tracker 3 on the App Store.

ISS Real-Time Tracker on the iPad Mini
ISS Real-Time Tracker on the iPad Mini