NASA Has Identified Hottest Planet Yet Discovered

NASA Has Identified Hottest Planet Yet Discovered

Kepler-70b is really, really hot!

NASA’s incredible Kepler space telescope has discovered 1,032 confirmed exoplanets and another 4,696 candidates.

Among those confirmed exoplanets, Kepler-70b has the highest planetary temperature ever observed at 12,398 °F (6,870 ºC / 7,143 K). Kepler-70b passes very close to its star, Kepler-70. So, close, in fact, that the planet completes one orbit around its star in just 5.76 hours, one of the shortest orbital periods of any exoplanetary system yet discovered. So, one year on the planet is only 5.76 hours long! That’s why it’s so hot!

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