What You See Ain’t Half the Truth!

So, you think you can see? Oh, REALLY!

Well, think again.

Human vision is extremely limited. In fact, we see the light in only a very narrow band of frequencies:

The electromagnetic spectrum showing the very narrow band of frequencies the human eye can see

Many animals can also see in the infrared (IR) and/or ultraviolet (UV). Snakes, fish (such as piranha and goldfish), and mosquitos can see in the near IR. Others, including birds, bees, snakes and even caribou can see into the near UV, which allows flowers or prey to stand out from their backgrounds.

Our blindness to all light outside of this narrow range of frequencies is why we must build telescopes, cameras, radios and thermometers to help us see the universe as it truly is.

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  1. Michael, It amazes me how you continue to create and remain so sharp. I enjoy seeing your talent.

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